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Rice bran oil reduces cholesterol and risk of CVD and is popular in Asia

Rice bran oil (RBO) extraction creates additional value in rice production process
  • Rice bran is a by-product of rice polishing
  • Oil is extracted from inner husk and germ
  • Defatted rice bran is storable and re-sold as animal feed
  • Oil is exported to developed countries as nutraceutical
RBO is called “Heart Oil”
  • American Heart Association recommends RBO to help lower cholesterol blood levels
  • High temperature cooking: high smoke point at 254°C
  • Mild flavor
Rice production & edible oil market in Madagascar
  • Local rice production 3.6mn tons of paddy in 2007
  • 69,000 tons annual consumption of vegetable oil and 4% growth rate per year expected
  • 92% of oil consumed locally is imported
  • BionActis has identified local partner and secured access to rice bran raw material for extraction

‘Heart Oil’ can have a strong and long-lasting positive impact on consumer wellbeing and become the next hit in nutraceuticals

Growth of new products launched

Sales of heart health food and drinks (USD mn)

No 1 death cause in the developed world
  • CVD will surpass infectious diseases as most common cause of death by 2010
  • 62% of adults in Germany estimated to be overweight in 2010 (vs. 70% in USA)

A growing need for nutraceuticals
  • USD 5.7bn sales of heart health food and drinks in 2005
  • Expected growth by 37% until 2010
  • 95% of global production (1.3mn tons) of RBO comes from India, China, Japan and Myanmar
  • 500-900k tons of RBO consumed in India

BionActis’ edge accessing the local market
  • Local sourcing of rice bran in Madagascar
  • BionActis technology reduces cost of RBO extraction