drapeau Biofuels

The opportunity : Market


  • High ressource availability and large scale global biodiesel market
  • Ximena Americana: raw sedds at 50 $/MT equivalent 100 $/MT cracked seeds with oil content of 50%
  • Total operational costs below 100 $/MT (Extraction costs 30 $/MT)
  • Market Price for technical oil for biodiesel: 600-700 $/MT (upward trend) ex-works
  • Tested in Mali and potential interest for other African and tropical countries

Why Alternative Methods don't work

Screw Expeller

The seeds are too soft and do not release their content of oil while being crushed and pressed

Liquid Solvent

Hexane process requires high energy input.

Unprofitable operation unless large processing capacity installed.

High capacity equipment requires large supplies of raw material (high costs for collection)